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Iker Casillas + IDOVEN

Iker Casillas trusts in IDOVEN and contributes as an investor supporting our project with the common objective of helping to prevent heart attacks and other heart problems in people and sportsmen of any level. In addition to committing to an enterprising Spanish company.

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Buy some of our cardiac studies on the web. For you or on a gift card.

Sports Holter at home - shipping and collection

Remote Cardiology

Receive your monitoring kit at home and monitor your heart. A courier will pick it up after the study is completed.

High-precision cardiology at home study

Receive your results

You will receive your cardiological diagnosis and medical recommendation in less than 7 days.

B2B Services

Artificial Intelligence-driven SaaS cloud-based electrocardiographic analysis boutique

Cardiology at your fingertips

We combine cloud data analysis based on powerful artificial intelligence algorithms with the use of cutting-edge non-invasive wearable technology. The joint use of these technologies allows us to analyze the activity of the heart by observing its behavior during all daily activities including sport.

Real-life study

Learn about how your heart adapts to your rhythm of life. We monitor your heart for days or weeks. We analyze your reactions to stress or at work, during your workouts or while you sleep. We monitor your cardiac activity in your day-to-day life to help prevent possible heart disease.

Donate your heartbeats for a good cause

Help us make a difference by becoming one of the world's first heartbeat donors: donate your heartbeat so that our technology can solve more people's heart problems in the future. Your heart's characteristics help us make medical technology increasingly accurate and personalized. THANK YOU to those of you who make this possible. #DonateYourBeats

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Our goal

We want to detect heart problems at an early stage to prevent heart disease, heart attack and sudden death.


We combine cloud data analytics based on powerful artificial intelligence algorithms with cutting-edge non-invasive wearable technology.

Monitoring and analysis

We monitor your heart in your day-to-day life and test your recorded electrocardiogram for possible arrhythmias and other heart problems.


Toasting his 40th birthday today, @IkerCasillas also celebrates the day he was "born again" after a 2019 heart attack 🙏 🗣️ Here, the #WorldCup winner tells us about raising awareness of heart disease through @FundacionIker & @Idoven_ai , and reflects on his glorious career 👇

- FIFA World Cup

Andrus Ansip - Member of European Parliament, former European Commission Vice-President for #DigitalSingleMarket
"#IA to save lives ❤️ Promising 🇪🇺🇪🇸 #ehealth #startup @Idoven_ai combines wearable technology and #IA to analyze the heartbeat and detect heart problems. You can donate your #data heartbeat to help improve the diagnosis."

- Andrus Ansip. Vice-President of the European Commission for #DigitalSingleMarket (via Twitter)

"It's better than any stress test, now I know all about my heart as if I were a professional"

- Pepe Martín. Amateur trail running runner


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