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Cardio Sport Analysis 7 days

Customized sports performance improvement recommendations based on your heart data.

Cardio Sport Analysis 7 days

Obtain the necessary sports medical certificate for introductory or regular sports practice in schools, clubs, and federations. Also for popular tests or competitions (national and international).

  • Find out how your heart adapts to the workouts you do over 7 days. High intensity and strength, long runs, series, at height, etc. and how it coexists with your real-life (sleep, work, children, stress...).
  • Covered by most health insurance reimbursements.
  • Medical sports equipment
  • If the results indicate so, our medical team prepares a valid report for the tests in which it is required. It is valid for 12 months. If you sign up for a race or competition within this period of time, we will sign your sports medical certificate. Find out how IDOVEN validates the medical certificates of sports aptitude.
  • Suitable for

Amateur, semi-professional, professional and elite athletes who are looking to improve brands or performance knowing that they can safely increase the loads and quality of training.

  • Medical technology used by elite athletes

Your heart will be analyzed by it healthcare team and cardiology technology used by the Spanish athletes who participated in the Rio Olympics.

  • Operation

The process is simple. No leaving the house, no face-to-face contact. No risks.

Buy the service by credit or debit card.

    A courier will deliver a heart monitoring kit and simple instructions for use to your home. It is not wired and it is not disturbing. 

    The kit is delivered in a watertight bag and the medical material is sterilized. All phases of the handling, logistics, shipping, and delivery process are carried out with the appropriate safety and hygiene precautions.

    • Wear it for 7 days and record your regular scheduled workouts (at least one should be at 85% of your capacity), your subsequent recovery and your night's rest. All your heartbeats will be recorded: while training, working, walking, having dinner with your family or watching a movie. And also at night while you sleep.
    • After 7 days, a messenger will pick up the kit at your home and will give us the data of your cardiological record. We will assume the cost of shipping.
    • Our cardiology team will analyze the recorded electrocardiogram for possible arrhythmias and other heart problems, using our technology based on artificial intelligence.
    • You will receive a highly accurate, personalized medical report by email in which we detail:
    • If your heart is healthy
    • If abnormalities have been found (overtraining or problems with heart adaptation) and what to do about them.
    • Recommendations for performance improvement: training zones with individual intensity ranges.
      • If you train hard enough and reach your maximum capacity. Also if your workouts are too intense for your body to actively recover or build up your basic resistance levels.
      • Cardiology report that you can share with your family doctor or specialist, fitness trainer or coach.
      • Tell us your case
      • Write to us telling us your case and we will tell you how IDOVEN could help you.
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      I will repeat
      Great experience. Fast delivery and collection. Very good communication. The report they send at the end is quite clear. I will repeat in a few years without a doubt.
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      I found it a very complete and professional control, a perfect attention, very agile and fast, with the maximum of facilities. Very satisfied
      Spain Spain
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      High technology and precision

      I am very grateful for the opportunity that IDOVEN gives us by providing non-professional athletes with high technology and precision to analyse our heartbeats. Thanks to you, I have the peace of mind that you will find any problems I may have with my heart, and that makes me feel protected. In addition, the new monitoring devices are extremely comfortable and you don't even know you're wearing them.
      Spain Spain
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      Ismael Z.

      Very useful

      Very positive experience. I have been wearing the device for 7 days and it has not been uncomfortable for day-to-day use (work, training, showering...). I received the report in a timely manner, with a lot of information about both my heart health and my training ranges.
      Spain Spain
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      Elisa M.


      Very good indeed
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      Spain Spain
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